8.4" Rugged All-Weather Sunlight Readable LCD w/RGB , 12/24 Vdc Model:(DOD8400R)

8.4" Rugged Harsh-Duty All-Weather Sunlight Readable sealed High Brightness Monitor w/RGB , 12/24  Vdc Optional LED Backlight. Model:(DOD8400R)
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8.4" Rugged Harsh-Duty All-Weather Sunlight Readable sealed High Brightness Monitor w/RGB , 12/24 Vdc Optional LED Backlight. Model:(DOD8400R)

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DODR Series II - Sunlight Readable Outdoor Monitors for Ruggedized Applications

As used by U.K. Ministry of Defense Royal Navy Division

The ruggedized IP67 Sealed DODR Series is designed to connect to any computer. It has a standard analog RGB video input, and one power input. Optional inputs for a touch screen and USB pass-through are available.

The DODR Rugged Outdoor Series can operate in extreme environments found in heavy earth moving equipment (mining machinery: crawler and wheel; front-end loaders, excavators, dozers, dumper trucks, cranes, etc).
A Flush Mount Option is also available

iTechLCD’s harsh-duty All Weather Monitor (AWM) is a ruggedized flat panel display, engineered to survive the most demanding applications. Designed to be rugged, the AWM sunlight readable monitor handles a wide-range of extreme environments making it the industry choice for mobile applications. Housed in a milled billet aluminum case, the slim-profile AWM is light weight and watertight, with fully sealed connectors. Front-mounted controls and the optional touch screen make the industrial rugged monitor user-friendly. The AWM incorporates the latest optical engineering to achieve optimum viewability in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. The AWM’s power efficient, low heat design results in increased reliability and longevity required for mission critical deployment.

Standard Features

  • Analog RGB Video Input
  • Auto Scaling VGA to UXGA
  • 8.4” TFT AM LCD SVGA (800 x 600)
  • Brightness Range 5-800 nits
  • Transflective Enhancement
  • Antireflective / Antiglare Surface Treatments
  • 3-Button OSD User Interface (MIL-PRF-22885; 1 million+ actuations)
  • Milled AL Case, sealed to IP67 / NEMA 6 Standard
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Industry Standard PC Connection
  • IP68 Anticorrosive Metal Sealed Connectors
  • Wide Range Input (10-36 VDC) (MIL-STD-1275)†
  • Protected against Internal Short Circuit, Load Dump, Over Voltage and Reverse Polarity
  • 20 Watts Maximum Power Consumption

Optional Features

  • USB Pass-through with IP68 Sealed Connector
  • Night Vision Goggle Filter (MIL-STD-3009)
  • Flush Mount Bezel, IP67 Sealed
  • Panel Mount, IP67 Sealed
  • 19" Rack Mount
  • External VAC 120/240 Power Supply
  • LED Backlight
  • Internal Heaters

Technical Specifications
Display 8.4" TFT AM, SVGA, LCD, 16M Colors
Sunlight Readable 800 nits, Transflective, AR/AG
Contrast Ratio
Dimming Ratio 100:1
1000:1 (optional LED)
Viewing Angle (typical) 130° (H) x 115° (V)
Video Input RGB
Connectors IP68 Fischer High Density to DB-15
JAE to Flying Leads DC Input
JAE to DB-9 Touch (optional)
JAE to USB Port (optional)
Housing Milled Aluminum, Black Anodized, UV Clear Coat
Mounting Flush, Panel, 19" Rack or RAM Mount (Standard)
Wide Range DC
Power Input
10-36 VDC (12, 24, 28 VDC nominal)
Power Conditioning Internal Short Circuit Protection
Load Dump Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Power Consumption 20 Watts Max
Environmental Specifications
IP Rating IP67 (NEMA 6 Submersible)
Operating Temperature‡ -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
(Designed to meet MIL-STD-810F)
Storage Temperature -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)
Humidity 0-100%
Shock 50 G
Vibration 5.8 G (5-500 Hz)
Altitude 45,000 ft.
EMI Designed to meet FCC B, CE
Sunlight Readability MIL-PRF-22885 (for push buttons)
Nighttime Readability* MIL-STD-3009 Class B (Optional)
Included Power (3-pin), RGB, Touch*, USB*
* Included only if option is ordered

Pictured Left:
Standard DODR Rugged Display Series with Power and RGB Inputs.

176 mm
252 mm
Depth (Main Case)
30 mm
Connector Pod Depth
3.5 lbs ± .25 lbs
1.6 kg ± .1 kg

* iTechLCD’s integrated NVIS options either produce near zero color shift or slight color shift for full sunlight readability. The integrated NVIS is MIL-STD-3009 compliant, and can be viewed with NVGs (Night Vision Goggles) through the entire brightness range. Dimming is not necessary to meet MIL-STD-3009, Class B NVIS requirements. Brightness levels will be reduced with the NVIS option.

† The power range specified covers momentary environmental fluctuations generally found in a mobile environment while display is operating. For power initialization and continual operation, nominal voltages are required.

‡ Low temperature operation may require heater option.