Railways EN50155 Touch Monitors

As technology advances, almost all sectors of society are also adopting to benefit from the latest developments. One of these sectors is the railway sector which set a specific standard on what equipment are capable of delivering a reliable performance 24/7 without failure. At iTech Company, we offer such solutions with our line of Railways EN50155 LCD displays. See the specifications of these products below.

The EN50155 standard is a requirement for electronic equipment that will be installed on a train. It sets a criteria for a number of factors such as environmental, shock, vibration, power supply, and power surge, among others. These systems are reliable enough to withstand rough handling and rugged daily usage in this application.

Our EN50155-certified LCD displays are specifically designed for transportation application. These rugged LCDs feature a resistive touchscreen with fanless design. These are also available in various brightness levels to ensure that the display is readable in any setting. It utilizes a LED backlighting technology for power efficiency and for delivering superior display.

As railway applications are prone to water spillage or other elements that can damage the device, this type of monitor
has an industrial-grade IP65 protection with an anti-corrosion housing. It also offers a variety of connection options including RS-232 or USB for touch control interface, S-Video, Composite, VGA, and DVI-D. Moreover, it supports a wide range of operating temperature range from -10C to +55C.

iTech Company has several years of experience providing industrial display monitors and other associated products to a wide variety of clients worldwide. With our line of EN50155 railway LCD displays, we offer products that are designed for rugged applications. We also provide customize products based on our client’s specifications. Contact us for more info about this.