IP Rated Water/Dust Proof Panel PC

iTech Company’s range of IP66/NEMA 4X All in One PC Fully Enclosedprovides an ideal solutionif you are looking for anindustrial-grade computer that can withstand harsh conditions 24/7 without compromising performance. These are available in various monitor sizes, from12.1” to 23.1” and widescreen dimension W12.1 to W65, while the resolutions range from 800x600 to 2560x1440. Browse the products below to know more about their features.

These computers are powered by Intel processors which deliver high-performance rugged computing.Its LCD monitor utilizes a LED backlight technology which is energy-efficient and consumes lesspower while delivering superior quality of display. With its rugged design, it is suitable for deployments in the harshest industrial environments. This device is fully enclosed with either a rugged aluminum or a 316 stainless steel, which complies with NEMA4x and IP66 standards for protection against dirt, dust, moisture, chemicals, and splash of liquid which are very common in industrial applications.

For more flexibility, it supports various I/O ports including DVI, LAN, RS232, and USB. Some of the optional features include high brightness display, auto dimming sensor, IR remote control with front sensor, and touchscreen functionality.

Whether this line of rugged PC systemswill be deployed in manufacturing plants, production floors of food processing companies, pharmaceutical processing, and other industrial applications, you are guaranteed that these products will function effectively without compromising performance. On the other hand, we also provide customize products based on the specifications of our clients. For more info about this, contact us through the given phone number and email.