Industrial-Grade In-Vehicle Computers

iTech Company's industrial-grade in-vehicle computers offer an advanced and a variety of choices that meet your mobile data computing requirements. It offers a great industrial-grade computing platform for real-time data exchange, navigation, as well as communications. With power and flexibility in mind, these devices are equipped with powerful processors, rugged housing and a multitude of I/O interfaces. These innovative solutions are designed for in-vehicle operation within trucks, buses, trains and even marine vehicles. See our list of products below and see their various useful features.


This line of computers feature a fanless design, power-efficient CPU, and environmental endurance, which are ideal for mobile vehicle setting. It has a compact size design for easy installation and for mobility purposes. For more flexibility, it has an abundant support for I/O peripheral connectivity such as serial COM ports, HDMI and VGA video outputs, USB and Digital I/O ports, LAN ports and SATA/mSATA storage options. In order to withstand the challenging conditions that this type of computers may encounter, it has a vehicle-grade wide temperature and anti-vibration design.

Meanwhile, it is equipped with a wide range of options of processors which consume low volume of power and meet the required performance for vehicle computing needs. For wireless network connectivity, it has mini-PCIe sockets and SIM card readers for cellular communications.

For several years that the iTech Company has already been in this industry, they have gained an understanding to the needs and requirements of different applications. One of these is the vehicle computers which have been used in law enforcement, fleet management and transportation applications. As we are committed to quality assurance, we guarantee that our products deliver reliable performance with rugged features that can withstand various demanding conditions.