Indoor Protective LCD Enclosures

iTech Company’s Indoor Protective LCD Enclosures provides vandal proof and all-weather protection for your digital signage. Whether your display monitor will be deployed inside or out, we provide solutions to meet the needs of signage applications. These products are designed for various monitor sizes, ranging from 24” to 65”.

With our LCD enclosures, your display monitor and digital signage will be protected from theft, vandalism and any potential damage. It was constructed according to NEMA4standards (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) for maximum protection. From rainfall to pressure washing an LCD enclosure, it is an ideal solution for outdoor applications or wash down environments. For applications that are exposed in harsh industrial conditions, you don’t have to worry about various debris such as dust, chemicals, moisture, etc. It also ensures that your LCD is protected from any electrical abnormalities and extreme hot or cold temperatures. As it is lockable and secure, you can then left your LCD screen in public and unmanned locations without worrying about theft and vandalism.

Itis made of black powder coated steel enclosure with a shatterproof screen that can withstand strong physical impacts and shocks. It also comes complete with LCD mounting brackets that allow you to install your display for the best possible viewing angle. Moreover the quality of the display will be enhanced as it delivers high contrast ratio and high brightness to ensure visibility even in direct sunlight. The enclosure has an anti-reflective coating which reduces light reflections, giving a clear and accurate image.

Either for indoor or outdoor applications, iTech Company’s range of LCD enclosures offer ideal solutions to protect your monitor display, especially in high traffic areas where vandalism, theft and various weather concerns pose problems. We would also be happy to help you design an enclosure based on your specifications as we provide custom designs. Contact us for more information.