Fanless Compact Embedded Computers

i-Tech Company's fanless compact embedded computersfeature compact, robust and fanless PCs offering long-term availability and come in a rugged housing with different mounting options. This type of industrial-grade computers are also built with Intel system processors to fulfil industrial automation industry's strict rugged quality demand. This device is a best fit for industrial computing platform solutions. This includes sensitive and harsh working environments like maritime, military, medicine, food industry and any industrial application where quality is a requirement.


Fanless embedded PCs are all-in-one embedded systems engaged in edge computing and highly suitable for remote monitoring and control. It features a compact size with a portable design which is suitable for limited space storage. This device also offers an efficient cooling system as it is also fanless. Fanless or ventless enclosures are designed to efficiently dissipate heat while protecting internal components from environmental damage ranging from dust and airborne debris to extreme temperatures, moisture and vibration. So, it decreases failure rates, eliminate noise and provide more space for other integral parts.

This computing device is also low maintenance. It is easier to maintain because the supplied power is already embedded in the system. i-Tech's fanless compact embedded PCsare designed to give developers fast, convenient and simplified solutions for industrial and embedded applications.With its modular I/O design, customers can rapidly implement diverse applications and maximize the resulting benefits.

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