Common Mistakes in a Digital Outdoor Signage Campaign


by iTech Company


Digital signage solutions offer several advantages. For businesses, it is a great way to boost sales and increase brand awareness. However, you can only reap such benefits if it has been well-implemented. Take note that there are a number of factors to consider in order to have an effective digital signage campaign. Otherwise, you will miss the incredible opportunities that this technology brings. Here are some common mistakes committed by retailers and businesses in a digital outdoor signage campaign. Hopefully, these will help you identify and avoid such setbacks in order to make the most out of it.


Wrong location

Among the important decisions involve in installing a digital signage, choosing the location can make or break your campaign. It makes all the difference from a successful campaign with a clear return on investment. Even if you have a sophisticated digital signage monitor with a great content, these are nothing if you placed it in the wrong location. Thus, ensure that your chosen location have plenty of passing people. Remember that reaching as many audience as possible is one of your objectives why you make use of a signage solution. When you’ll deploy it in an unmanned area, see to it that it has an anti-vandal protection.


Absence of call to action

Having a call-to-action in your digital signage is one way to influence the viewers to take the next step to avail your products and services. Tell the viewers what you want them to do next and direct them with an action that will lead to a sale. You may want them to visit your website or your social media page and inform them of an upcoming event or incentive. You may also upsell, cross-sell, promote other services, and showcase third-party ads.


Untimely update of the content

There are several advertising campaigns that did not yield great results as their content isn't updated often enough. Take note that scheduling the signage content appropriately is one way to increase your sales. Take for example, a fast food chain who uses dynamic advertising. Typically, it will advertise different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific times of the day. Imagine if the digital sign is showing dinner menu during the mid-day. Obviously, it will miss a lot of sales. There are also some latest features for this technology which allows you to instantly update and schedule your content with the use of a software and being networked, saving you a significant amount of time.


Targeting the wrong audience

This is almost the same case with the untimely update of the content as showing a certain ad to the wrong group of people will not give effective results. Thus, identify the groups of people passing the signage in different times of the day. With that, you can customize your message to reach out to them with different ads at different times of the day. To attract a specific target audience, have a customize content that is attuned to their characteristics and address their needs.


By identifying those common mistakes, it will help you to avoid committing those blunders in order to have effective results and receive a high return on your investment in such technology. At iTech Company, we offer a range of digital signage LCD solutions that are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. With our signage systems, you are able to present whatever that best speaks about your products or services in order to achieve your business objectives. Our products are made of high-quality components and integrated with useful features for a reliable signage solution.