iTech Company's range of C1D2 LCD displays are designed to be deployed in hazardous areas. These are Certified Product Solutions for Class I, Division 2 Applications, which means that they can withstand volatile and harsh work settings. These are ideal solutions for applications such as chemical plants, mining, oil rig drillings, petrochemicals, food processing, refineries and other manufacturing processes. See the list of products below.

This type of monitor displays is particularly rugged and reliable for a variety of industry applications.It is certified by UL for class 1 division 2 (C1D2) hazardous locations, ensuring that it is ignition and explosion-proof forsafe operation in hazardous environments. It is also equipped with a wide range of operating temperature to satisfy the demands of various industrial applications.These are also explosion-proof LCDs, which is ideal for applications where gas, ignitable vapors or flammable dust may be present.

It has a stainless steel front panel that provides maximum protection from rugged usage. It also complies with the NEMA and IP rating standards for added protection against airborne dust, water ingress, chemical substances, and other contaminants that can damage the device, maintaining an efficient and reliable device.Meanwhile, it utilizes a LED backlight technology to deliver clear and excellent picture quality. For more versatility, a number of optional features are available including the touchscreen functionality, KVM extenders, tempered glass protection and acrylic window.

Over the years, iTech Company continues to provide innovative solutions to a wide range of applications. For more information regarding their c1d2 LCD displays, simply contact them through phone or email.