RJ Series Broadcast HDMI SDI Jib LCD Monitor

Here, we have iTech Company’s line of RJ Series Broadcast HDMI SDI Jib LCD Monitors with prominent features such as high brightness and portability which make it much better as compared to traditional CRT monitors. These Jib monitors have already become the standard products to match heavy-type Jib crane of other popular brand. These are available in 7” to 10.4” monitor sizes. See the various features of these products below.

These compact monitors offer high resolution LED backlight LCD panels which solve the problem of long distance focus during big events like broadcasting or filming. It has an aluminum bottom base with 8mm thickness. At the two sides of the base, there are grooves that could slide back and forth. There are also stands on two sides which are fixed by four screws in order to adjust the balance between monitors and jib arms. For quick dismounting of the monitors and sunhood, there are metallic stands on two sides which are designed with the dovetail trench.

To address the issue of high light’s interference to the screen, it has a convertible and removable sunhood which is made of ABS material and coated with a 0.5mm thick anti-glare sponge inside. It also protects the LCD screen from accidental crush. Moreover, part of this broadcast monitor LCD’s package is a specially-designed aluminum portable case where you can fill in all the accessories including the monitor, stands, and power adaptor, among others. While it provides protection to the monitors, it also offers portability as it is easy to carry.

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