Advantages of Using a Digital Signage in an Advertising Campaign


by iTech Company


Over the years, the tools used by businesses in advertising have gone several drastic changes. Today, one of the most effective ways to deliver an advertising message is through the use of a digital signage. By utilizing liquid crystal displays or LCD's, businesses or any other entity can convey plenty of information in an interactive way. Digital signage takes advantage of the flexibility in audio-video technology, which integrates dynamic content as opposed to the static ones from the traditional print media. Digital signage can now be found in any public location such as in train stations, department stores, office buildings, schools, medical facilities, airports, and banks, among many others.


What is a Digital Signage
A digital signage is a sub-segment of signage in which the video or multimedia content is being displayed in public locations for informational or advertising purposes. It typically consists of a computer or playback device which is then connected to a large, bright digital screen like an LCD or plasma display. So, it can be any screen that displays any type of content for any reason. With the use of a computer, the content can be updated anytime via an Internet or any network connection.


Advantages of Using a Digital Signage
There are several advantages to the use of a digital signage, especially for a business advertising strategy. Here are some of them:


Ability to change your content instantly
With the use of appropriate software, digital displays enables you to change information immediately. There’s even an option to control your content remotely to manage your messaging campaigns. As compared to the traditional static signage that were commonly used before, this is a convenient way of getting your information across, which will save you time and expense significantly.


A way to raise brand awareness and increase revenue
The use of digital signage can complement your current marketing and merchandising strategies. As a result, this is one great way to increase your sales as you improve the shopping experience of your customers. It can provide relevant information to the targeted audience at near the point of their purchase. With digital signage, you are also overcoming wall space limitations and thus, revenue can be generated based on the ad space.


Target a specific group of audience
The ability to rotate or schedule your content also enables you to target a specific audience demographic unlike the traditional advertising methods such as prints and TV. With digital signage advertising, you can streamline your targeting to make sure that your message will reach the right audience. For example, in an arena where there’s a musical concert, the use of a digital signage will enable your content to be directed at specific audiences according to their interests.


Creates more audience engagement
Nowadays, most people are already accustomed with dynamic and multimedia-based communications channels that create a more engaging experience. Digital signage helps you achieve that in your advertising campaign as they are very effective in getting the audience’s attention.


In contrast to the traditional print media, using digital signage means that you are not going to continually print signage when you update your content. Aside from the convenience, this is also cost-effective in the long run, as you eliminate the expense of having to print and post your new content. Moreover, the drastic drop in the price of LCD displays in the past few years makes it more practical to use this type of media.


As many companies and businesses already make use of digital signage display monitors for their operations, there’s no reason for you not to adopt to this kind of technology as it brings you a lot of benefits. To get the best out of it, choose a high quality product that can withstand any weather condition. A reliable supplier such as i-Tech Company will help you accomplish this with their wide range of products. Contact us now!