55" All in One Digital Sign Totem/Table Stand Alone Kiosk

iTech Company's range of 55" All in One Digital Sign Totem are ideal for digital signage solutions for both indoor or outdoor applications. This device already includes a screen, player and software in one package. Whether it intended for digital advertising or any other means of delivering information, it delivers sharp and clear images for optimum viewing experience. Browse our list of products below as well as their specifications.

These products offer space-saving solutions with its portrait view that can be combined with wall mount installation. It also uses 75/100mm VESA standard installation for more versatility. It has a flexible and modular design where you can customize and fulfil your individual needs by adding additional peripherals such as telephone handset and interchangeable personalized fascias. In order to provide consumer intelligence, it has a complete solution with an end to end customer service interaction suite that combines touch-sensitive hardware devices, unique software applications and powerful analytics.

Our stand alone kiosk solutions can be used in a wide range of applications with reliability and durability that you won’t find on other products. Moreover, it delivers excellent picture quality. We also integrate the latest technology and always ensure that our products perform at its best. As customization is our specialty, we can create a product based on our client’s specifications. Simply contact us for more info about our products and services.