55" Digital Signage Kiosks


Our selection of 55" digital signage kiosks feature a sleek, all-in-one unit with Full HD LCD monitor and digital signage processor. With its large monitor, it is well-suited for various kinds of applications. You can also split the screen to allow multiple applications at the same time. Moreover, it can accommodate any single or multi-touch LCD monitor with the option to orient the display to portrait or landscape mode. With these, it is sure to make an impact with your targeted audience. 


Many businesses today make use of the digital signage technology as a way to create more awareness of their products or services. While it is considered as a new medium of marketing, there are several other applications where a digital signage is being used such as for wayfinding and displaying information. At iTech Company, we offer such solutions.

Our products features a slim design which supports various aesthetic options such as multiple colors and vinyl wraps, among others. It has the eight points of tool-less adjustment for easy positioning of the display in the kiosk window for flush alignment. For easy maintenance and for convenient access to the display, media player and other internal components of the device, there’s a rear door while the hinged display mounting arm offers ease of installation and ease of access to the display. Moreover, there are a number of optional features that you can avail such as cooling fans and speakers.

Whether looking for a touch screen kiosk or a digital signage display, iTech Company offers optimal solutions with reliable products having highly integrable functionality. Over the years, we came up with high-grade digital signage monitors that are built for 24/7, year-round operation. Contact us to ask for a quote or if want more information regarding our products.