4K Ultra-HD ( 3840 x 1440) Industrial professional LCD with touch screen 10 points PCT(Projected Capacitive) Optional for SDI Input

iTech Company offers a range of 4K LCD monitors equipped with significant features, providing superior performance with exceptional clarity and sharp displays. It is ideal for applications that requireexcellent image detail. These are available in different monitor sizes with high-resolutions for a variety of applications.


Being one of the leading innovators in the display technology, iTech Company introduces its portfolio of 4K industrial display monitors. It combines its high standards of display quality, performance and reliability. With the advent of the latest technologies these days, there is no doubt that the 4K content hasa significant impact for several applications.  Whether it is for industrial, medical, advertising, and military applications, among others, it definitely benefits from this this type of LCD display technology.

4K simply refers to a horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels and vertical resolution on the order of 2,000 pixels. While it is already common in the digital television and digital cinematography, several industries are now adopting to this technology. Such resolution delivers 400% more pixels as compared to a full HD resolution. With that, you’ll expect to have crystal-clear images and even videos.

iTech Company combines4k Ultra-HD resolution along with other useful features to come up with an LCD display that is capable of handling complex tasks. In order for this device to withstand the demanding conditions in either commercial or industrial environment, an optically-bonded glass front is available. It protects the LCD from different elements that can potentially damage it. There’s also the sunlight readable feature which maintains the highest quality visual experience even when used in bright venues or direct sunlight. For interactive application, the optional 10 points PCT(Projected Capacitive)touch screen is also available.  Moreover, it is fanless for noiseless operation.

iTech Company offers 4K display solutions that not only deliver superior Ultra HD image quality but also come with a wide range of useful features. We also provide customization to our products based on your specifications, giving everything you need for an LCD display. If you have more questions, contact us or simply email us.