46" All in One Digital Sign Totem/Table Stand Alone Kiosk

With iTech Company’s 46" All in One Digital Sign Totem/Table Stand Alone Kiosk, you’ll have a cost-effective and efficient digital signage solution which can be used for in-store marketing, directional signage or corporate messaging. It includes an integrated computer and Plus Digital Signage Software to manage and schedule the digital content. With its touchscreen feature, it offers an interactive experience where it can easily attract people’s attention and provides practical information. For businesses, this means more opportunity to boost sales. See our list of products below and their corresponding specifications.

This range of products supports a wide range of aesthetic options such as different colors, acrylic trim, and vinyl wraps in order to match the environment's look or promote a brand strategy. It delivers a full HD resolution for superior image quality. Its slim design is matched with a tempered and, scratch-proof faceplate for more durability. These devices are also energy-saving as it utilizes LED backlight technology which consumes less power than conventional CCFL backlight displays. For playback of videos and photos, it is equipped with a built-in media player which allows you to display dynamic content without worrying crashes and freezes.

Moreover, these digital signage kiosks are also very flexible where you can add various devices such as payment devices, receipt printer, and camera, among others. It can also function as a retail kiosk with huge screen. In other words, it combines signage and retail functionality into one unit to provide interactive information, attract people, and complete a transaction.

With those above-mentioned features, it is no doubt that iTech Company’s digital signage solutions can be a great medium to relay messages and information that you would want to convey to your target audience. Contact us for more info about our products.