19" 2U Dual Monitor Console Drawer

iTech Company’s 19" 2U Dual Monitor Console Drawers offer an effective solution for managing rack environment. This range of dual display monitors are in 19” screen size and designed for2U rackmount heights. Whether it is will be used for military applications, communications, industrial automation, or server rooms, it provides a space-saving and reliable solution. Check out each of the product models below and see their specifications.

This type of monitors feature a two view range of LCD console drawers which are optimized for 2U design, offering a space-saving solution in a rack while increasing video content capacity. It also offers a hassle-free operation with its self‐locking rails when the device is in its fully extended open position while there’s an ultra- convenient auto lock release when the LCD panel is closed.

Its high-performance dual 19” A‐Grade LCD panels is in a side‐by‐side configuration in order to convey twice information. It also supports independent dual display, screen extension and mirror mode. Each of the LCD screens have independent DVI, VGA, Audio, and Composite Video inputs. In terms of the quality of the display, it delivers superior viewing experience with its high contrast ratios and wide viewing angles.

These monitors also meets various industrial and military requirements to withstand demanding applications. It has a rugged all aluminum construction which is lightweight while giving enough protection to the device. It features quick and simple installation. Moreover, it has a built in 2x2w stereo speakers, durable 104‐key keyboard and touch pad.

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