15" All in One Digital Sign Totem/Table Stand Alone Kiosk


iTech Company’s range of 15" All in One Digital Sign Totem offers fully inclusive digital signage solutions for indoor or outdoor applications. It includes a screen, player and software in one package. Whether it will be used for hospitality, training, information or digital advertising, it delivers sharp and clear images that includes text and video for an effective message distribution. See the specifications of our products below.

These are space-saving devices. With its portrait view combined with wall mount installation, it minimizes the use of valuable in store space. For more versatility, it uses 75/100mm VESA standard installation. You can also initiate full two-way voice calls and connect kiosk users with an in store or remote member of staff at the touch of the screen. It has a flexible and modular design where you can customize and fulfill your individual needs by adding additional peripherals, including telephone handset and interchangeable personalized fascias. Moreover, it is a complete solution with an end to end customer service interaction suite, combining touch-sensitive hardware devices, unique software applications and powerful analytics to provide consumer intelligence.

iTech Company’s stand alone kiosk solutions are designed to work in demanding conditions. These are reliable and durable devices with extra-ordinary picture quality. We also make use of the latest technology and always ensure that our products perform at its best to make sure that our customers get the value for their money. As customization is our specialty, we can come up with a product based on our client’s specifications. For more info, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.