Portable LCD Keyboard Console


iTech Company’s Portable Operation Terminals with an integrated keyboard, mouse and LCD monitor offer an easy- to-use and robust device. These are also waterproof with its compliance to IP65 rating standard, for a safe design that can withstand any weather or operating conditions. With its portable folding design with a handle, such equipment is ideal for computer maintenance applications. Know more about this product below and check out it other features.


These devices are used to key in or extract data even from remote locations. It is portable enough to be carried to the point of activity and facilitate data collection. It is also being used to interact with any software or database application that has been installed on a server or a mainframe computer. Nowadays, these devices have a wide range of applications in retail stores, hospitals, and warehouses, among others.

Here, we have iTech Company’s 15-inch portable operation terminal which delivers a resolution of 1024 X 768 and brightness level of 180 nits. It has an OSD adjustment function for better viewing that best suits a particular setting. Its input device is through an integrated 88- key mechanical keyboard and a touchpad. It has also some resistance against shocks and vibrations to ensure rugged applications. Moreover, it a USB extended function for easy transfer of data or for compatibility with other external peripherals.

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