13.3" ~ 14" Tablet LCD Rugged PC

Rugged tablet computers are now commonly used in several applications among various industries and organizations. This technology has an added benefit over other computing systems with its mobility feature, allowing the user to utilize it almost anywhere. At iTech Company, we have a range of such solutions such as our 13.3 inch to 14 inch Tablet LCD Rugged PC which combine a rugged design, mobility, efficient power system, and other capabilities for an effective computing solution. Check out these products below.


Its 13.3-inchscreen panel is outfitted with a full-HD capacitive touchscreen functionality. It is also equipped with a high-performance yet energy-efficient Intel Celeron processor that can handle complex task effectively. There’s also a full-slot smart card reader for easy transfer of data. With regards to connectivity, it has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Various operating systems are also being supported including the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and Embedded 8 Standard or 8.1 Pro Industry.

The front panel of these tablet PCs complies with the IP54 rating standards, allowing it to be used in harsh environments. For longer period of usage, these devices have a hot-swappable batteries and vehicle-mount charging option. There’s also a support for dual monitor display via desktop cradle and comprehensive remote device administration through server-based Device Manager software. Other optional features include a camera, RFID reader and 3G module.

iTech Company's tablet rugged PCs are not only intended for industrial applications, it is integrated with several features to satisfy the requirements of various applications. Contact to know more about these products.