12.1" Tablet LCD Rugged PC

Here, we present our range of 12.1 inch Tablet LCD Rugged PCs which are designed for reliable computing in harsh industrial environments. These devices comply with military standards for shock and vibration protection, as well as IP rating standards for water and dust proof protection. These are available in Intel Atom, AMD Sempron, and VIA C7 processors. With rugged protection and reliable computing performance, these products are well-positioned for numerous industrial applications. Browse our list below and their corresponding specifications.

This line of tablet rugged PCstry to balance the durability and portability features along with a reliable computing performance. It is equipped with various powerful processors depending on the product model which allow you to run all the essential applications in the field. Its built-in touch screen functionality also offers ease of use that is expected in mobile devices. It also features a fanless design and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to offer the highest reliability and durability. A rubber protection is outfitted on each corner of the device, giving it more protection for rough handling.

Meanwhile, it is a flexible device with its extendable hard disk drive and a number of network connectivity options. An Express card slot and Smart card slot is included in this product as well as a Wi-Fi function, offering easy transfer of data. With its VESA-compliance, it offers flexible mounting options such as in walls, ceilings, and in vehicles. Other optional features that you can avail include a GPRS and GPS function, Bluetooth, and TV tuner plus antenna. Moreover, you can avail for other optional accessories including an internal battery pack, waterproof keyboard, mini-USB keyboard with hub, U bracket, keyboard tray and DC power cable.