Wide Temp Rugged Tablet PC

Our range of wide temperature tablet rugged PC offers superior functionality and rugged built to endure tough conditions, while being portable at the same time. Its several useful features make it applicable to various applications such as hospitality, transportation, avionics, field service, logistics and telecommunication, among others. Check out the specifications of each product model below.

The easy portability of a tablet PC, which has nearly all the features and capabilities of a desktop PC, are now being utilized for commercial and industrial applications. With its flexibility and rugged design, they are widely used these days to streamline processes and increase productivity. Such devices are also a reliable support to desktop and laptop computers while on the move.

iTech Company offers compact Rugged Tablet PC systems which are available in various monitor sizes. It features a wide range of operating temperature, ensuring a reliable machine even in harsh environment application. It also meets various environmental rating protection requirements for resistance against dust, water, and other unwanted debris. Powered by Intel processors, it delivers optimum performance for industrial applications. It has a highly integrated module which offers different connectivity options such as the Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth, and the optional WWAN. Other top features include a sunlight readable touch screen, fanless design, and expansion capability for more flexibility of the device.

With the above-mentioned features, you have a portable device that has much endurance as it does with reliability. Moreover, iTech Company also offers a customized design according to your exact needs for more efficiency. For more info, call us at our contact numbers or leave us a message.