Wide/Extreme Temperature LCD (-30C to 80C)

As LCD modules and display Monitors are being widely used in several applications both indoors and outdoors, the wide operating cold and hot temperature feature is also growing in many fields. In response to the customer's demand for wide temp/extreme low and high temperature LCD, we came up with arrange of products which is an ideal solution for industrial and military applications. These rugged LCD displays has storage and operating temperatures from -30C to 85C and optional with PCAP touchscreen.

There are several industrial applications that require LCD displays to operate in extreme temperature environments such as in military, food processing, gas/fuel pumps, medical, manufacturing, and non-climate-controlled facilities, among others. Take note that typical monitors can only be used in environments with 0C~50C temperature range. UV exposure, moisture, and humidity also affect the overall temperature within a specific environment. iTech Company offers a range of LCD monitors that can function properly in a wide working temperature range from -30℃ to +80℃. These products are already proven and tested to maintain its original luminance under such temperatures.

While the range of operating temperature is a relevant consideration for the device to withstand extreme hot or cold environments, other factors must also be taken into account for the overall performance of the device. These includethe clarity of the image, environmental protection, LED backlighting, quality of the components, andvarious options available.

iTech Company’s products are equipped with these useful features to deliver great performance even in harsh working conditions. These are available in different monitor sizes and resolutions. It offers superior image quality with wide viewing angle. Some of the optional features include the touch screen functionality for interactive application and the level of brightness to ensure that the screen content is highly visible in all lighting conditions. Moreover, these wide operating temperature LCD displays are available in different types including open frame, panel mount, andchassis mount.

On the other hand, iTech Company also provides a customized design for its clients, which is a perfect solution for OEM customers. Just give us your specifications and we’ll come up with a product that will work great for your application.