Wide Temp High Brightness LCD

This line of LCD displays feature mainly a wide range of operating temperatures and high levels of brightness that provide optimal viewing even under high ambient lighting conditions. These are high-performance industrial monitors which are ideal for outdoor applications such as kiosks and digital signage. See the specifications of our range of Wide Temp High Brightness LCD monitors below.

These high bright LCDs deliver an enhanced display performance with brightness levels of up to 1500nits, making it an ideal choice for demanding outdoor applications where it will be exposed under direct sunlight and where standard displays washout or look dim. In addition to that, the use of a LED backlight technology also adds to its remarkable display quality. Another important feature is its wide operating temperature range of -30°C~+85°C, fulfilling the demand for extreme environments especially in industrial applications where the device will be exposed to extreme cold or hot conditions.

In terms of durability, these rugged displays are resistant to any potential damage caused by splash of water, dust, and other pollutants with its IP65-rated chassis.It has an all-steel construction which is designed for harsh and industrial environments. Moreover, there’s an optional touch screen which is available as resistive, capacitive, SAW, IR, and Projective Capacitive type.

iTech Company's product line comprises of full range LCD displays for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. We guarantee to deliver reliable productswith high performance by integrating other advanced features and high quality components. One of these is our range of Wide Temp High Brightness LCDs which were carefully engineered to meet the needs of rugged applications. For more questions about our products, simply contact us.