Why You Should Adapt to the Sunlight Readable LCD Technology


by iTech Company


The conventional displays or LCDs have already serve us in a variety of applications. However, when used outdoors, there are a number of requirements for monitors in order for it to withstand different conditions such as the broad sunshine. Nowadays, several firms opt for sunlight readable LCD or high bright monitors to address the readability issues when being used outdoors during daytime. As digital screens have become an integral part in many industries, this type of monitors is becoming the new trend that any entity either business-related or not should adapt.


What is a Sunlight Readable LCD

To make the display readable in bright light, is has to work with the sun and overpower the sunlight as well. Any character or graphic LCD that is positive mode (that is, displays that have dark letters on a light background) will be sunlight readable.

More light will give better readability for these devices.


These monitors operate with the use of backlights which are responsible for making the screen brighter and more visible during daytime. It also makes use of optical bonded glass, which helps reduce reflections and also improves the contrast ratio.


Most of these type of monitors are equipped with various features that make it useable in any climate or time within the day. For liquid proof protection along from dust and other contaminants, it is sealed. Its rugged metal frame protects the contents inside from blunt contact. You can also expect a vibrant display of LCD resolution. There’s also a protective glass that won't crack whenever it is struck or dropped. For the exterior connections, they are sealed to protect from dust and dirt.


Reasons to Use Sunlight Readable LCDs

Here are the top reasons on why many consumers and businesses are now opting for sunlight readable displays:


For outdoor advertising

With the rise of the digital screens, outdoor advertising has also become a popular choice for several businesses. The advantage of this type of advertising campaign is it offers more flexibility and attention from the potential consumer base. While the ordinary screens are also being used, they only be feasible during night time. With sunlight readable monitors, you can use it any time of the day to promote your product.


Wide variety of applications

Sunlight readable LCD monitors have also a wide variety of applications since they can be used any time of the day. Either it is a road sign or traffic information, they can be seen in several public places. Nowadays, they have become the essential medium for traffic lights and information signs.


Significantly lowers power consumption

Another advantage is it lowers the power consumption costs significantly. For conventional digital screens to be readable in daylight, you have to increase the brightness and contrast-ratio enormously, which will consume a lot of power and as a result, brings down the profit potentials of any business entity.


For careers that requires more outdoor activities

There are some careers that require more outdoor activities than any other such as those in the construction industry and in the military. One of the common obstacles with these careers is how to battle the glare from the sun. Sunlight readable monitors helps solve this issue.


When shopping for a sunlight readable monitor, choose a reliable supplier with a wide range of products that will meet whatever consumer demand there is. A trusted store such as i-Tech Company is the one to go to. Call us now for a free quote and to assist you in finding a high quality product.