Wall Mount Cabinet 18U 17.7" Deep (Model:WM6418)

Wall Mount Cabinet 18U  17.7" Deep (Model:WM6418)

Wall Mount Cabinet 18U 17.7" Deep (Model:WM6418)

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  • Excellent Air Ventilation Design
  • With Strengthen Glass Front Door included KeyLock
  • With 5 port of power distribution and complete screw pack
  • Strong rugged structture are able to load max 60kgs for 18U Wall-mounted Cabinets
  • With easy handy locking of heavy-duty Rear door and Side panels
  • Welding frame construction, steady and dependable
  • Two kinds of installing methods of wall-mounted and ground-mounted to choose  
  • Can choose feet or duty castle wheel if ground-mounted
  • Convenient and quick wall-mounted installing method( patent)
  • 19"  standard installing
  • Quick opening side door, can add a side door lock, convenient for installing and  maintaining   
  • Can from top and bottom going wire at the same time
  • Can add 120mm fan
  • The front door can open over 180 degrees
  • Protection grade:  IP20  
Elegant and secured WM series wall mount cabinet by i_Tech. The easy side panel access is convenient to perform routine maintenance, but also can be locked to prevent unauthorized access. Three ways, top, bottom, and rear cabling tunnels enable data and cable routing. WM series incorporate optimal cooling design with top-mount AC fans to ensure maximum air flow through system. Heat-treated glass door provides extra strength and able to silkscreen logos, marks, and labels to boost product image.


Cooling: Because of the high performance and high power that was drawn by the system, each generates significant heats that add up to a major cause of system failure. The thermal cooling design of W-Series provide superior cooling to ensure system operation and temperature control of the environment.
Compact: More system per rack and high demand of system availability and serviceability have made server room and data center look for cabinet that enable space saving and more manageability. W-Series provide the solution for small, medium, and large cabinets.

Power connection can be a hectic task with large cabinets. Self-implement of PDU can be located anywhere in the cabinet to better manage and monitor the power inputs. W-Series provide variety of PDUs includes 110V, 220V, and DC inputs with European and US standards.


The headache created by the network cabling brings nightmare to every IT professionals. They spent hours to sort out the mess instead of focus on more important task. W-Series efficiently use available space to route cable and cords to better manage cabling and increase air flow of over all system.


The server room and data center holds expensive equipment and critical company data, security have become an extreme important issue in keeping the entire valuable asset safe. Cabinet level security locks on both front and rear door to protect unauthorized access to server and data.


i_Tech provide full package solution from rackmount, power supply to cabinet. The customized silk screen and accessories enable company to further enhance product image and brand name awareness. Our goal is to support business achieve success.

Bottom Line:

i_Tech make customer needs our top priority because our success is based on yours. i_Tech provide cost effective and customization solution that enhance performance and product image of your company.


Model No. WM6418
Capacity 18U
Height 35.46"
Width 23.64"
Depth 17.73"
Security Front & Rear Looks
Cooler Welding frame construction, steady and dependable
Standard Accord with ANSI/EIARS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491, DIN41494, PART7GB/T3047.2-92
Thickness 0.08" for mounting rails and 0.05" for other
Main Material SPCC High-quality cold roll steel
surface finish Degreasing, acidification, phosphoric, static electricity ,power coat
Safety TUEV
EMI Noise Filter CE
Loading 132 lb