Ultra Rugged/ Scratch and Chemical resistant Resistive touch

iTech Company’s Ultra Rugged/Scratch and Chemical-Resistant Resistive Touch sensor offers a durable and reliable solution for a wide range of commercial, industrial and military applications. With its durable glass surface, this device is scratch and chemical-resistant. It has the qualities of a durable glass surface combined with the benefits of a resistive touch screen. For applications where rugged durability and reliability are required, it is guaranteed to deliver optimum performance. Check out the other significant features of this product below.

Unlike the traditional polyethylene surface, this touchscreen sensor is equipped with a durable borosilicate glass surface, which is waterproof, impervious to most chemicals and resistant to scratches. Such type of glass surface is also suitable for IP67 and NEMA 6 enclosures. You can operate the touchscreen with either a finger, glove or stylus and even there are contaminants on the screen, such as oil, dirt, splash of water and dust.

It can also be easily integrated with any type of display without compromising touch sensitivity. It is compatible with standard resistive controllers and offers USB-HID support. Moreover, its rugged construction allows it to be used for a wide range of operating environments, including outdoor applications.

Meanwhile, there are also a number of enhancements that you can opt to such as an anti-reflective coating, application of NVIS compliant filters, mullion heaters for extreme conditions, vented or pressure compensated resistive diaphragm, and Elo Touch & 3M Touch type connector pinouts, among others.

Being in this industry for several years, we offer innovative touchscreen technology solutions for different applications. With this range of resistive touchscreen sensors, we combine the operational advantages of a resistive sensor with the durability of a glass surface. For more information on these products, contact us through our given phone number and email.