The Impact of Open Frame LCD Monitors on the Construction Industry


by iTech Company


The Impact of Open Frame LCD Monitors on the Construction Industry


Almost any industry today welcomes the trend towards innovations in the touch screen technology. One of these is the construction industry. The work flow in the construction job sites is now becoming digital. Gone are the days of using paper and pencils, and transferring of handwritten data to a computer. With open frame LCD monitors that have optional touch screen features, users are now able to communicate and access critical information more efficiently. These devices are also ideal for these type of environments as they are ruggedly-built and several models have outdoor viewable displays.


The Uses of Open Frame LCDs in Construction Sites

General contractors want subcontractors in and out fast. However, they are also dealing with the usual architectural changes. It typically takes two weeks to deliver a new set of blueprints using the traditional paper-based system. The problem here is the inconsistency of modern architects when delivering blueprints for addendums or change orders. For subcontractors to get in and out more quickly, a faster communication is needed of less than two weeks. But this changes with the availability of open frame touch screen monitors along with the software available that lines everything in 3D.


On the other hand, the integration of other technologies allow them to have a construction site office trailer brought down to tool-chest size. For example, there is a lockable steel box that has space and power for multiple computers and mobile devices, a 40" monitor, white boards, a plan table, and separately lockable storage for tools. Such technology can be regarded as the center of communication on the job site.


The trailer can also be moved into the job site for faster problem resolution as speed is very important on a modern construction site. Now they can easily get an email and view it in the field within minutes. With this, a  digital display on the job site is becoming a need in the construction industry especially as 3D information is becoming more common. There are also some general contractors who are requiring their subcontractors to shift toward digital plans and change order.


Advantages of Using an Open Frame LCD Monitor in Construction Sites:


Saves a lot of space

With its compact build, this type of LCD monitor really saves a lot of space. The optional touch screen feature also lets the users access and activate all the commands without the use of a keyboard. You don’t also need additional controller equipment.


Ease of Use

Most of the open frame LCDs nowadays have the optional touch screen feature, giving a sense of simplicity to any user. You don’t have to be technologically-savvy to be able to use such machine as all of its controls are already displayed on the monitor.


Rugged Chassis

This caseless monitor is designed to endure shocks. Thus, it is less prone to getting damaged caused by physical impacts. It is also ideal in a construction site environment.



It is lightweight, making it safe to be hoisted on racks or wall brackets. In the construction industry where they are mobilizing such technology for easy access to users, this is a great feature to be taken advantage of.


To fully benefit from the advantages brought about by the open frame LCD display technology, shop at a trusted store such as i-Tech Company. They have a wide range of products at reasonable prices. Particularly, they have this EOPW3200-4K-PCT10 product, which is an industrial open frame metal housing LCD monitor and ideal for use in construction sites.


i-Tech Company’s Product Specifications:

- Open Frame LCD display

- 32"-3840x2160, LED-350nits

- VGA+HDMI+Display Port

- 9-36VDC input

- Protected glass with 10 points Zytronic-Foil PCT on glass

- OEM housing designed for thickness 50-55mm

- Optional built-in touch screen for interactive application

- Modularize mechanical design for flexible product configuration and easy maintenance

- Auto-brightness sensor which offers application in day and night


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