TFT LCD Touch Screen Display Module Video/VGA/DVI/HDMI & High brightness Solution

i-Tech company now offers a TFT LCD Touch Screen Display Module with high brightness. Thin Film Transistors (TFT) is a type of flat-panel display screen wherein it provides the best resolution. It is definitely suitable for industries that require excellent image displays. Additionally, its ultra-compact size makes it viable for instrument display, office electronics and security applications. Its portable design allows it to be hand-held which means it can be deployed in any area.

This TFT touch screen display also features an NTSC/PAL/SECAM Video Auto Switch and CVBS/S-Video/Analog RGB (PC Mode) signal input. With this, it offers multiple applications whether in optimizing operations or displaying relevant information. Digital TFT LCD displays can be applied in many industries because of its compact size, high brightness with anti-glare treatment, and touchscreen option. Thus, it can be easily integrated in different aspects of an industry's operations and procedures.

Explore detailed features of ourTFT LCD Touch Screen displays below.

Our line of LCD Touch Screen Displayhas Resistive Type Support OS forWindows / Linux / DOS / Mac / QNX operating systems. Since it can support multiple operating system, it offers versatility which makes it suitable for use together with other electronic equipment. Plus, its touch screen functionality provides ease of use and interactive navigation. Additionally, all functions can be controlled by UART.

The TFT displays featured has a LED life time of 20k (Min) and a power input of +12V DC. It has 5 key OSD buttons: power button, source adjustment, and three buttons to access and navigate the Menu option.  The menu provides a comprehensive image quality adjustments.

i-Tech's TFTDisplay can definitely be connected to PC and it offers USB/RS232 option. Furthermore, it has a wide operating and storage temperature range which allows operability for longer periods. Overall, TFT LCD Touch Screen Display Module Video/VGA/DVI/HDMIis versatile which makes it usable in many operations. Coupled with its versatility is its durability. Guaranteed that only high-grade materials are used for out TFT display module.

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