Stainless Steel LCD: Offering a World of Choices in Various Industries

Stainless steel LCD display units are durable, reliable and offer your process and industrial OEMs manufacturing business with technology to simplify your SCADA, HMI or PLC applications. The display units combine high-performance waterproof, dustproof, fully sealed stainless steel chassis with IP65/IP66/IP67/NEMA 4 Ingress Protection rating, specifically for use in various industries for operator control and monitoring. These display units offer you several levels of protection, as explained below.

IP65 Rating

The first digit (6) indicates the complete protection against contact and dust. The second digit (5) means that the display unit enclosure offers protection against water jets. Water projected from a 6.3mm nozzle against the enclosure from any direction will have no harmful effects on the screen.

IP66 Rating

This means that the unit is fully protected against powerful water jets. Powerful jets from a 12.5 mm nozzle will cause no harmful effects to the unit from any direction.

IP67 Rating

Means that the unit has dust tight protection against immersion. The display unit will still work when immersed in water up to three meters. However, in some cases this means that water may enter, but only in such a manner that it does no harm to the equipment itself.


Stainless steel enclosures with NEMA 4X rating are primarily for outdoor use, and offer you superior level of protection from extreme environments and corrosion. The adherence to the rigorous NEMA standards will give you a quality display unit at a competitive price. Some of the characteristics of NEMA 4X include:

• Ability to use your unit for both indoor and outdoor use
• Protection against windblown rain and dust
• Protection from hose-directed and splashing water
• Corrosion resistance

Other Applications

At I-Tech Company, we offer stainless steel LCDs that have been specifically designed for applications that require equipment to withstand harsh environments. This includes protection against water, snow, and ice formation. In addition, the equipment can withstand temporary water immersion, as mentioned above, and thus is ideal for use in applications like:

• Marine
• Military
• Mining
• Avionics

These stainless steel monitors are also applicable for applications that have high hygienic needs such as food technology, pharmaceutical industries, and medical or chemistry industries.

You have the choice of mounting the stainless monitor displays directly to industrial processing machines, control systems and automation systems. These units are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures, dirt and dust, as well as other typical conditions encountered on factory floors.