Single User DVI-D Switch

Since most flat panel displays support Digital Visual Interface (DVI), there is also a growing need for DVI-D KVM switches. Just like other KVM switch solutions, such device allows you to connect multiple computing devices to a single keyboard, mouse and monitor. Here, we present our range of Single User DVI-D Switch. Check out the specifications of these products below.

This device features a12-port single user DVI-D KVM switch. With DVI-D connection, you’ll have the highest possible quality of image due to the nature of the digital format. Such format is typically used when the highest clarity and resolution is required. Along with this, it also features an integrated USB hub and audio port for other peripherals to be shared between the attached systems and thus, eliminates duplicate peripheral costs.

Meanwhile, our DVI-D KVM switches are compatible with widescreen and native SUN 1152 x 900 resolution. It also support multi-platform for PCs, SUN and Mac. The port switching can be done through a push button and keyboard hotkeys as well. VESA DDC2B emulation and TMDS signal pass-through are also being supported by this device. Moreover, it is hot pluggable with no software or drivers required.

iTech Company’s range of KVM switch solutions can help you save valuable desk area especially in a space-restricted environment. It also helps you boost productivity by interacting with multiple computers using one set of keyboard, video, mouse and audio. All in all, these products keep offering green products which optimize utilization of console environment.