Single User 8/16/32 Ports IP / CAT5 Extender

Signle User CAT6 KVM Switch

Cat5 KVM switch technology replaces those bulky cables that were typically used to connect servers. It uses either a Cat5 or Cat6 cable in order to make the necessary connections. We offer a range of these products at iTech Company. Here, we present our line of Single User 8/16/32 Ports IP/CAT5 Extenders. See the products below as well as their specifications.

By incorporating the latest technology and other useful features, these products provide an ideal solution for applications that need to control multiple computers with just a single keyboard, video display and mouse. These include server rooms, training facilities, financial institutions, data centers and military applications, among others.

These devices enable you to connect to multiple computers via UTP cables at a distance of up to 40m away. This help you to minimize cable clutter while extending its reach. In this series of our products, it features a single local user and available in 8, 16 and 32-port models. By daisy-chaining the ports, it offers easy expandability to control up to 256 servers. It also delivers high video resolutions for high-quality images. For more flexibility, it supports any PS/2 and USB server. In terms of security, these switches have a feature in which you can enable or disable passwords and allows you to create multiple user profiles for accessing ports.

With over several years of being in this industry, we continue to provide innovative solutions to our clients worldwide. With our range of CAT5 KVM switches, you’ll have several benefits than a traditional KVM switch platform including increased distances, improved cable management and multiplatform capability, among others. Please feel free to contact us for more information of our products.