24U 48"H x 24"W x 24"D Server Rack Cabinet Enclosures

24U 48"H x 24"W x 24"D Server Rack Cabinet Enclosures

24U 48"H x 24"W x 24"D Server Rack Cabinet Enclosures

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24U Server Cabinet Specifications:

External Dimensions: 48"H x 24 "W x 24 "D


This 24U Rittal TS8 Server Cabinet includes: Viewing Door, Solid Rear Door, and Without Sidewalls.

The Rittal Server Racks, are manufactured to be compatible
with most network and computer server equipment including: Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, and Sun.

Innovative Design and Enhanced Stability
Rittal's TS8 network enclosure – Ideal for showcase applications, this enclosure features natural ventilation with its perimeter perforated doors.
The TS8 network enclosure features a stylish design in a viewing door concept that is clearly part of the same family as the server enclosure.
• Networking facilities
• Termination applications
• Hubs, routers, switches or other components
• Other equipment where high heat loads
are not generated

• Data centers
• Wiring closets
• Office environments
• Central offices
• Co-location and application environments
• Contemporary appearance
• Multiple vendor equipment
• Full line of accessories
• Family of sizes and styles
• Good heat dissipation
• Strong frame structure
• Viewing door version of the server enclosur that is value priced

Frame System – Multi-Fold Frame Design:
• Steel frame – strength and rigidity
• Torsion free structure
• Multiple internal surfaces and points for mounting
• Maximum internal volume for footprint
• External access to all installation points for doors,
walls and baying
• Maximum load bearing capacity – 907 kg
(2,000 lbs)
External Surfaces – Doors and Walls:
• Secure to external surfaces of frame
• Doors can be easily removed or reversed
• Sidewalls can be screwed on, locked in place or hinged to provide side door access
• Internal door hinge and lock points for maximum security
• Door stiffener to stabilize door and provide additional mounting surfaces
• Ground studs on all surfaces
• External surfaces do not affect load bearing capacity – same ratings with or without panels
• Available in RAL 7035 (light grey) or sand texture black
• Partially vented front view door, fully perforated split-rear door

Vertical Mounting Rails:
• Fully depth adjustable maintains load capacity regardless of where the rails are positioned
• Floating installation system – vertical rails are not secured to frame members or lateral support channels; can be adjusted independently
• “Z” shaped, multi-fold profile – high load bearing capacity and multiple mounting surfaces
• 19" mounting capacity in 24" cabinets, 19" or 23" mounting capacity in 32" cabinets
• U markings on inside and outside surfaces of each rail
Key Accessories:
• Sidewalls
• Door Mount Server Fan Panel
• Baying Kits
• Toolless Shelves – 482.6 mm (19") Rack Mount
• Casters
• Cable Management Hardware – D Rings, Velcro Straps, Mounting Plates, Manage-IT
• Power Strips – 15, 20, 30 Amp; Vertical or Rack Mount
• CMC-TC – Enclosure Monitoring System
• Bolt Down Kits
• Toolless Blanking Panels