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Add Inline Power Module Managment to Your PTXL

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Product Overview

When an enterprise co-locates equipment with a third-party data center, it often combines servers & network gear in the same cabinet to conserve rack space and overall co-location expense. This requires an innovative approach for power distribution and remote management. The ability to mix and manage power circuits among various equipment becomes necessary.

In a data center cabinet with a combination of servers and network gear, using a PT46 & IPMs in tandem with a PTXL is common application. The Sentry PT46 solves this requirement by supporting up to eight distributed Inline Power Modules (IPMs), and integrating the remote management of each IPM within a complimentary PTXL's interface.

The PTXL is designed for servers, where high density and a single 20-amp or 30-amp power feed is sufficient; the PT46 and its connected IPMs are ideally suited for routers, switches and networking gear with greater power requirements ¨C up to 20 or 30-Amps per power feed. Additionally, the IPMs support equipment that:

1. Is located outside the cabinet (of the PTXL).

2. Have different voltage requirements (110VAC & 208VAC).

3. Require more than one power feed.

The PT46 connects to the PTXL via a single link cable. Each of the IPMs can be controlled individually or logically grouped with other IPMs or outlets on the PTXL. Each of the IPMs can be used to power on, power off or reboot the connected device. 110 VAC, 230 VAC and -48VDC IPMs can be controlled through one PT46.

Product Detail

  • Remote Outlet Grouping & Control
  • Rack-Mount Enclosure
  • 24-character Outlet Receptacles Names
  • 20-amp Power Input Support
  • 30-Amp Power Input Support
  • Firmware Flash Upgradeable
  • Remote Individual Outlet control
  • Always-On Outlets