-48 VDC Remote Power/Dual Feed Inputs (2)100 Amps/ (4) 35 Amp Outlet (Model:Sentry 4835-XL-4)

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Product Overview
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Product Overview

Sentry? 4835 Remote Power Manager & Power Distribution Unit minimizes the impact of locked-up routers, DSLAMs, ATM switches and other internetworking devices on business-critical networks. CLECs, ILECs and ISPs use the Sentry 4835 to manage equipment in remote sites, co-location facilities and Telco central offices. The Sentry 4835 eliminates the need to dispatch a field service technician for manual intervention when devices lock-up. Using a Sentry 4835, the network operations center can quickly restart locked-up remote internetworking devices to ensure that the network is fully operational around the clock.

Product Detail

  • Remote Outlet Grouping & Control
  • HTTP/HTTPs Web Configuration & Control
  • SNMP Management
  • SNMP traps for event notification
  • Rack-Mount Enclosure
  • Authentication
  • RS-232 Control
  • Telnet Management
  • Optional Secure Global Modem
  • Multiple Concurrent Users
  • Remote Individual Outlet control
  • Always-On Outlets
  • Input Current Monitor Per Outlet
  • Circuit Breaker-protected outlets
  • Remote Power Control


Item #


Power Input

Power Output


>Four thermal circuit breaker protected 35-amp outlets

>Input Power Terminal Blocks
>Feed A and B (each)
>100 Amps DC at 48V

> 35 Amp DC @ 48 Volts
> #10 screw terminal

Thermal circuit breakers

>Pull-to-break, push-to-reset 4 circuit breakers rated at 40 Amps


Technical Specifications

**All Sentry 48 VDC models can be custom ordered with

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 Amp Circuit Breakers.

Option A: LAN interface TELNET TCP/IP applies to all items.

Option A-1: LAN interface with Secure ID support

Option A-2: LAN interface with TACACS support


>17? W (w/19? mounting brackets) x 3.5? H (2 RU) x 16? D

> 31lbs.


>Dial-in Modem


>Speeds 9600, 19200, 38400

>8 data bits, 1 stop bit no Parity

>10 Base T Ethernet TCP/IP and SNMP

Access Security

>Via TACACS or Secure ID

User Interface

>ANSI screen interface and command line

Link Interface


Communications Interface

>External dial-in modem support (internal dial-in modem available, Option C or C++, HTML (web interface) RS-232 Console (DB9F-DCE),
>Optional 10Base-T Ethernet TCP/IP and SNMP support (Option A)

Asynchronous Switch

>4 or 8 ports, 6 pin RJ12



One Year Warranty