-48 VDC Remote Power/Dual Feed Inputs (2)100 Amp/(16)10 Amp Outlets (Model:Sentry 4805-XLS-16)

-48 VDC Remote Power/Dual Feed Inputs (2)100 Amp/(16)10 Amp Outlets (Model:Sentry 4805-XLS-16)

-48 VDC Remote Power/Dual Feed Inputs (2)100 Amp/(16)10 Amp Outlets (Model:Sentry 4805-XLS-16)

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-48 VDC Power Control

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Product Overview

The Sentry>> 4805 XLS Remote Power Manager minimizes the impact of locked-up routers, servers and other network devices on business-critical networks. CLECs, ILECs and ISPs and corporations use the Sentry 4805 to manage -48 VDC power control to equipment cabinets in remote sites, co-location facilities and network operations centers.

The 4805 XLS eliminates the need to have a field service technician go out for manual intervention when devices lock-up. Using a Sentry 4805 for -48 VDC power control, the network operations center can quickly restart locked-up remote network servers to ensure that the network is fully operational around the clock.

This unit supports data communications equipment such as workgroup and email servers as well as combines intelligent power distribution and remote power control into a single 2U 19" rack mount enclosure.

The two 100-Amp power input feeds support dual power supply networking equipment units. Sixteen (16) individual 10-amp power outlets are each protected by a GMT fuse of 1/2-amp to 10-amps. It features a 10/100 Base T Ethernet interface and supports full HTML configuration & control; HTTPS, SSL, SSH, telnet and SNMP management.

Another feature to the 4805 is the ability to measure the ambient temperature and humidity in an equipment cabinet. Two temperature & humidity probes can be added to the RJ-style ports integrated into the enclosure. Firmware support for environmental monitoring is supported through auto-discovery.

Additionally, the 4805-XLS verifies the voltage at each power inlet/outlet connection and monitors the load (in amps) that each device is drawing.

Product Detail

  • Remote Outlet Grouping & Control
  • HTTP/HTTPs Web Configuration & Control
  • SSL Web BrowserSSH management
  • SNMP Management
  • SNMP traps for event notification
  • LDAPRack-Mount Enclosure
  • AuthenticationRS-232 Control
  • Telnet Management
  • Optional Secure Global Modem
  • Multiple Concurrent Users
  • 24-character Outlet Receptacles Names
  • Firmware Flash Upgradeable
  • Remote Individual Outlet control
  • Always-On Outlets
  • Integrated Temp/Humidity Probes
  • Input Current Monitor Per Outlet
  • NEBS Compliant
  • Fuse-protected outlets
  • Remote Power Control



Item #


Power Input

Power Output


>(16) 10-amp outlets > -48 VDC
> (2) 100 amp power feeds
> 16 individual outputs
> GMT fuse protection

Option C

Integrated global Secure Modem 56K bps



Temperature and Humidity Probe- 10'



23" Mounting Brackets


Technical Specifications


>17" W (w/19" mounting brackets) x 3.5" H (2 RU) x 16" D


Power Input

Qty (2) 100A power input terminal blocks (+/- & N), -48 VDC

Power Output

>> Qty (16) 10A max outlet circuits protected with GMT fuses

>> GMT Fuse Values: 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7.5 or 10-amps

Communications Interfaces

>> 10/100 Base T Ethernet TCP/IP: SSH, SSL, HTTP/HTTPs (HTML web interface), SNMP MIB, Telnet; half/full duplex, auto-negotiating

>> Integrated Global Secure Modem 56Kbps (Option C)

>> Console RS-232, RJ45

>> External Modem RS-232, DB9F Speeds

RS-232 Data Format

1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600;

8 data bits; no parity; 1 stop bit

Access Security

>> SSHv2, SSLv3/TLSv1, MD5, Active Directory w/ LDAPv3

>> 16-character username/password authentication

>> Individual accounts with restricted access rights

Conformance & Agency Approvals

>> TUV-GS marked to EN60950

>> cTUV-us marked to UL 1950 and CSA C22.2 No.950-95 NEBS GR-1089-CORE

>> GR-63-CORE >> Section 3.2

>> Section 4.2 >> Section 7

>> Section 5.2 >> Section 9


One Year