RVF Series View Finder

Itech Company's RVF Series View Finder are designed for professional use. It features an elegant shape, structured design, complete functions and excellent picture quality. It is especially developed for various HD/SD video cameras as it delivers high resolution, high brightness and high contrast display. This line of products come in 4.8" and 7" LCD monitor sizes. See the other features of these products below.

While you can set up pixel to pixel, blue screen, monochrome, aspect ratio, and other function keys of these devices, you can also reserve the knob for professional users. Double functions and knob type coding switch are iTechLCD's exclusive technology feature, for a more convenient and rapid operate feeling. Its wide color gamut and high resolutions ensure that it delivers more precise color restoration, exquisite picture quality and more rich color levels.

On the other hand, it can magnify the lcd screen image so that you can easily focus on your subject. It also offers a true view of your image when working outdoors in bright daylight. With these features, it ensures clear and sharp picture with wide viewing angle. It also effectively avoid the gray scale flip. Whether it is for film and TV field shooting, this range of products deliver great functionality and durability.

iTech Company has been providing innovative solutions regarding industrial LCD displays and computers. However, this line of products, we are also providing best value accessories for both photographers and videographers. Our professional view finder series of products both combine functionality and durability.