RC Series Carry-On LCD Monitor

iTech Company's RC Series Carry-On LCD Monitor are professional monitoring equipment for applications such as outdoor photography, film and TV. It is a hi-end outdoor shooting equipment that enriches the company's patented separable monitor technology. This line of products is available in 20" monitor size, making big size monitors become portable. Currently, it is already widely adopted by several cameramen both locally and overseas.See its various features below.

Whether it will be used for TV news production or broadcasting, these products delivers high stability, high reliability and electromagnetic compatibility foroverall smooth operation. One of its main advantages is portability. Big size monitor is an important equipment for directors in field shooting and usually, these are carried and transported by aluminium alloy box which can be very inconvenient in transporting and using. But our product features a high-class engineering box which is high-temperature resistant, impact-resistant, as well as waterproof and dustproof. While it has a solid structure, the box still maintains an elegant design. The box is also an automatic open device that whenever it is used, you only need to open the three-step interlink lock and lift the upper cover slightly. The upper cover with the LCD display unit mounted inside will then raise slowly with the hydraumatic pole to the setting angle.

Meanwhile, it makes use of IPS technology with over 85% color gamut and a high resolution LCD panel of 1600x900. With these features, it delivers superb picture quality, accurate color restoration and wide viewing angle. It can also handle high temperatures well which is a common issue in the field of shooting. It separates the LCD panel from controller to significantly reduce the whole unit's heat during its operation. Its other component such as the aluminium cover of video/audio controller has good thermal conductivity while its display unit's aluminium board has air inlet and outlet holes on the top and bottom, which helps discharge the working heat. Other optional features that can be availed include 3G-SDI, wireless video transmitter and receiver.

With the above-mentioned features, these broadcast monitor LCD solutions offer more stability and reliability than other alternatives on the market. While it has a durable casing, it can also dissipate heateffectively. Moreover, its delivers excellent image quality for a truly immersive video experience.