Rack Environmental Monitor Camera (Model: CMRA)

Rack Environmental Monitor Camera (Model: CMRA)

Rack Environmental Monitor Camera (Model: CMRA)

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The product will allow you to easily monitor and manage all of your critical environmental needs in your home, security, small business, corporate, or government networks. With these devices you will be able to maintain the safety of all your network server rooms at a low cost to you.


  • Remote Monitoring- Control the built in pan and tilt to monitor your environment completely
  • Multi Camera Viewing - Select up to four camera locations to monitor at the same time
  • Optional Motion Detector - Camera can be triggered by motion
  • Capture Your Network- The included software lets you record all the action with snapshots, video and sound clips

You can add a network camera to your remote monitoring solution. The camera DOES NOT plug in directly to our devices giving you the flexibility of plugging it anywhere you need to monitor physical conditions. The Network Camera is used in conjunction with Trap-Snap. The Network Camera will be alerted anytime an environmental alarm is detected by our environmental devices.

When an alarm condition occurs, Trap-Snap tells the Network Camera to take a user specified number of pictures and store these pictures for later review, giving you the flexibility to view pictures of the emergency so that you can see the cause and correct them.

Adminstrative Software:

We introduces the new Network Sensor Manager (NSM) which is now available for download.

The new Network Sensor Manager makes monitoring your environmental network security easier than ever! Here are just a small sample of some great features this program provides:

- Manage multiple Sensor Hubs from one screen

- View raw data from all the Sensor Hubs

- Graph and create reports on your Sensor Hubs to find trouble spots

- Quickly see the status of each Sensor Hub with the new color coded alert system

- Change any field (alert thresholds, e-mail addresses, passwords) on one or all your Sensor Hubs from one screen instead of logging into multiple devices.

- And many new features!