Power Distribution Unit

In applications where there’s an intensive usage of electricity such as in computer data centers, there is a need for a device that disseminates electric power to various components. With this, comes the Power Distribution Unit or PDU. What this device do is it takes high voltage of electricity and breaks it down to smaller and useful levels. Generally, it has an electrical input and several outputs for providing power to multiple devices.

Here at iTech Company, we provide such solutions and they are available in different models. Various product models may have different features including local or remote monitoring, remote power management, auto-transfer switching and hot-swap capabilities. Browse each of the products below and see their specifications.

There are many advantages of using PDUs whether it is a data center or any rack environment where multiple computers are being connected. It helps ensure power availability of rack equipment. With its precise management, it provides an accurate power distribution. It also eliminates potential threats to equipment such as hot spots by collecting information at the rack level. All in all, it helps improve the efficiency and reliability of the equipment by managing energy distribution well.

With iTech Company’s range of PDUs, you are able to eliminate human error while protecting the critical load of your equipment. In order to keep pace with the advancing technologies nowadays, there are also numerous features that have been integrated in our products. Moreover, these products are designed for rugged applications and can withstand the harshest environments.