Rack PDU APS-16M: Out-of-Band, 16-Port RS-232 Serial Console Port Switch, with Internal Modem (Model:APS-16M)

Rack PDU APS-16M: Out-of-Band, 16-Port RS-232 Serial Console Port Switch, with Internal Modem (Model:APS-16M)

Rack PDU APS-16M: Out-of-Band, 16-Port RS-232 Serial Console Port Switch, with Internal Modem (Model:APS-16M)

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APS-M Series 8/16-Port Intelligent Serial Port Management Switch with Internal Modem
The APS-8M and APS-16M 8 or 16-Port Intelligent Serial Port Management Switches provide a convenient means for connecting multiple RS-232 devices for on-site and/or dial-up remote communications. High data throughput, a built-in 56K V.92 internal modem, and full modem and data flow control all add up to make the APS-8M/16M the perfect data switches for today's high speed communications applications.
Versatile Configuration Options
Each APS-8M/16M RS-232 port can be accessed by port number or by user-defined port name, and ports can be individually configured for data rate, parity and flow control. In addition, each port can also be password protected, and the APS-8M/16M's password directory allows definition of up to 32 distinct passwords.

Three Available Port Modes
APS-8M/16M RS-232 ports can be configured for one of three different operating modes: Modem Mode, Any-to-Any Mode or Buffer Mode.

  • Modem Mode:  This mode is used to manage and configure the APS-8M/16M's internal modem, and also allows any other APS-8M or APS-16M RS-232 port to be easily connected to an external modem. The APS-8M/16M supports all hardware control lines typically required by high speed modems.

  • Any-to-Any Mode:  Any-to-Any Mode employs the APS-8M/16M's full matrix capability to connect to any other free port on the switch, without the need to select matching communications parameters for the two connected ports. The Any-to-Any Mode is specifically designed for situations where you need to connect a modem, terminal server or local PC to other asynchronous control ports.

  • Buffer Mode:  A Port configured for Buffer Mode can be used to capture and store a "snapshot" of the last 32K of data received at that port. "Snapshot Data" is stored in non-volatile memory for later retrieval by the systems operator. This is particularly useful when you wish to collect important data or error messages sent to a port during non-connect periods.


Internal Modem
The internal 56 Kpbs V.92 Modem provides dial-in capability. User-defined passwords and a convenient dial-back security feature prevent unauthorized dial-in access to sensitive command functions. User-defined "AT" initialize and disconnect strings assure proper modem configuration and also provide the ability to reset an external modem (using the data timeout) in the event of line disconnection or session lock-up.

  • 19" Rack Mounted
  • DB-9M DTE (COM Port) Interface
  • Password Protection on Every Port
  • Invalid Access Lockout Feature
  • Up to 32 Different User Accounts
  • Dialback Security
  • 56K V.92 Internal Modem
  • Any-to-Any Port Switching
  • 32K Data Collection Buffer on Each Port
  • Data Rate/Speed Conversion (300 to 115K)
  • No Software Required (VT100-Type Terminal Controlled)
  • Menu-Driven Set Up and Control Commands
  • Out-of-Band Remote Network Management
  • Remote Site RS-232 Port Switching
  • Local or Remote Console/AUX Port Switching
  • Share a Modem Line at Remote Sites
  • Access RS-232 Control Ports from a Single Terminal
Technical Specifications APS-8M APS-16M
RS-232 Interface:
RS-232, Asynchronous, 7/8 bits, ASCII
DB-9M, DTE Ports, Pinned as PC COM ports
(Plus One RJ11 Modem Port)
8 16
Data Rate:
300 to 115.2K bps, Standard Rates (Port Specific)
Flow Control:
XON/XOFF, RTS/CTS, Both or None (Port Specific)
Even, Odd, or None (Port Specific)
Stop Bits:
1 or 2 (Port Specific)
Signals Supported:
Internal Modem:
Multi-Tech Format
33.6K, V.34 56K, V.92
No-activity Disconnect: 1, 5, 10, 15 Seconds,
1, 5, 15, 30 Minutes
Stores parameters and captured data.
Non-volatile, 32K SRAM buffer memory per port.
Motorola 68EC000, 16 Bit, 12 MHZ
16C654 with FIFO and Flow Control
Power ON, Ready, Data Activity
1-8 1-16
AC Model:
Internal 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 Watts
DC Model:
Terminal Strip, -48 VDC, 0.2 Amp Max.
1.7" x 17.15" x 6.8" (H x W x D)
(One Rack U)
8 lbs. Shipping Weight
Operating Temperature:
0C to +45C
10 to 90% RH
Agency Approvals:
UL, cUL, FCC Class A, RoHS Compliant