Outdoor LCD Equipment Rental Program

If you are looking for an LCD display for any outdoor event, Suntronic LCD offers an ideal solution with its 55 Inch Outdoor LCD AV Equipment Rental Program. Either you’ll use it for advertisement purposes, manage crowds, or provide visitors with a more engaging experience, it meets the requirements of most outdoor events. It is a weatherproof and waterproof display with auto adjusting ultra-bright HD display. With its IP-compliant screen, it can also withstand various weather conditions. See the other features of this product below.

Over the past few years, digital displays have increasingly replaced the traditional static signs. With the introduction of the LED backlit LCD display technology, such medium is able to present sharp and colourful images. It has a wide range of applications, from product advertising to outdoor kiosks, among others. While there are several advantages when using these products for a business or any event, it also involves an initial costs when procuring it and the installation for some product models can be tedious. But fortunately these days, there are some companies that offers LCD display rentals and we are one of them.

Our 55 Inch Outdoor LCD is equipped with several features and rugged design to endure outdoor conditions. Whether the outdoor environment is wet, cold, humid or dusty, it is well-protected with its fully sealed and lightweight aluminium frame. It delivers high resolution for superior displays. It also supports different mounting options including Floor Mounts, Wall Mounts or Truss Mount.

Meanwhile, its screen is IP56-rated and finished with anti-reflective glass in order to ensure brightness, contrast and colour quality even when used under direct sunlight and in high ambient lighting conditions. There’s also a built-in management software and wireless connectivity feature for you to easily update your content. Moreover, you can also choose for other product models with a touchscreen functionality for interactive applications.

Aside from designing and manufacturing LCD displays, Suntronic LCD also offers outdoor LCD rentals. With the exceptional quality of our products, you are guaranteed to have a reliable equipment for outdoor events, whether it is a festival or an indoor conference. Contact us for more info of our products and services.