Outdoor kiosk/outdoor totem/ Outdoor floor stands

Nowadays, we can't deny the several benefits of outdoor kiosk solutions for business applications or simply for delivering a message to a targeted audience. These devices are interface-based with automated systems that can be used to access information or facilitate business transactions. It offers the advantage of 24/7 availability with sunlight readable LCD displays, rugged enclosures and secure systems for outdoor installations without supervision. Browse our list of products and see which one best suits your application.

iTech Company range of outdoor kiosk are fully weatherproof for optimal operation in any type of outdoor setting. It has alsoan integrated heating and cooling system to handle harsh weather extremes. It is available with either a computer or a media player to manage the contents and information you want to display.†With a touch screen technology or via input devices such as a keyboard and mouse, it can be used as a way to facilitate the entry of information from customers.

For more durability, these are built with stainless steel encasements which comply with IP rating standards for resistance against splash of water and other contaminants that can damage the device. Agorilla glass screen is available to protect the device from any vandalism or theft. Moreover, its LCD monitor delivers superior image quality with sunlight readability feature.

An outdoor kiosk is one way to achieve a successful outdoor digital signage campaign. But before investing in this technology, you have to ensure that the product you choose has high quality and delivers excellent performance. Here at iTech Company, our products went through various tests and quality assurance stages to make that sure that we only provide reliable products. For several years, we continue to provide innovative solutions to various clients worldwide. For more info about our products, donít hesitate to contact us.