Medical AIO PC Swappable Battery

iTechMedical PC Swappable BatteryFeatures and Application
It can be used for HMI of Ophthalmology or Optometry
It can be ECG of EHR systems
It can be an endoscopy system of image and video capture.

Because of AG's AIO Medical Panel can be customized based on up to 6 Com port, up to 8 USB, KV applications (Com, USB and LAN Port), oradept with an add-on card for DICOM applications or image and Video Capture Or add a smart card reader or RFID So the flexibility and expandability are our strength.

Intelligent OCT Solutions Mobile ECG - Exercise EHR Solution Dual Panel + AIO Panel Solution Exaample

22" AIO Medical plus 22" Medical Display, WMPCW2200B+ WMPCW2200BF Medical Monitor 2 could be the same combo.