IP66/NEMA 4X Panel Mount Fully Enclosed

iTech Company's IP66/NEMA 4X Panel Mount Fully Enclosed LCDsare designed for a wide range of industrial harsh applications. Such products comply with various industry standards and has enough protection from unwanted debris including water, moisture, dust and dirt. These are available in different sizes, from 5.7" to 23.1" and widescreen W7 to 27. The resolutions range from 640x480 to 1920x1200.

If you are going to deploy an LCD display in outdoor locations or anywhere there is a risk of water contact, the NEMA (National Electrical Manufactures Association) rating system guarantees that a particular device can withstand such environments. If it complies with NEMA 4x ratings, it means that its enclosure is water resistant enough that it can operate optimally in settings where there are splashes of water, hose down, and rain. While the NEMA standard is used primarily in the US, the IP rating is being used throughout Europe. Any NEMA 4x enclosure also works in the same environments as the European IP66-rated enclosures.

Our range of this type of LCD monitors feature waterproof and dustproof capability with its full IP NEMA4X rating front and back. It has an aluminum housing which provides extra protection from tough conditions such as strong impacts, vibrations and shocks. There's also an optional high brightness functionality which ranges from 200 nits to 1500 nits. Along with AR Protective Glass at front of the bezel, this ensures that the screen deliver clear and visible display even when used in high ambient lighting conditions or under direct sunlight. In addition to that, an auto-brightness sensor offers application in day and night. For interactive applications, there’s an optional to built-in touch screen feature. Depending on your preference, the OSD buttons can be located in back and front.

iTech Company's NEMA 4X Panel Mount LCD displays offer a hassle-free and easy integration for several applications. Whether it will be exposed to dust, dirt, moisture, splashing water, hose directed spray, and other contaminants, it still performs reliably. Browse each of the product models and see which one best suits your requirements.