IP65/NEMA 4 Front Panel Mount

iTech Company offers contaminant-resistant LCDs that combine high-performance touchscreen technology with industrial-grade panel. These are reliable and rugged LCD monitors with IP65/NEMA 4-ratedfront panel. These are best suited for applications under harsh environments where dust, dirt, moisture, splashing water, and other contaminants are common. See our range of products below.

The equipment used in harsh environments including LCDs, need to be protected from different elements that can potentially destroy their functioning. With this, a rugged LCD monitor is appropriate to use as it is capable of surviving in any type of condition. Regardless of the demanding conditions, such monitor displays remain unfazed. These are made possible by integratingthe latest technologies into the design of these products.

iTech Company has a range of rugged LCDs with NEMA 4/ IP65-rated front panel. With its steel construction, these are designed for harsh and industrial environments. It utilizes LED backlighting technology which produces a high bright and clear viewing experience, yet consumes lesser power. It is also available with a touchscreen functionality for a more interactive experience. Moreover, the picture quality provided by these monitors is of higher quality. They also offer high brightness and contrast levels for clear display even in high ambient light surroundings.

If you are looking for an IP65/NEMA 4 Front Panel Mount LCD, check out our list of products. We are already in this industry for a number of years, providing high quality and reliable devices. While we have a pre-designed features of our products, we also provide custom designs based on your specifications. For more info, contact us at the given number or email.