IP Camera LCD Monitor

This line of LCD monitor from iTech Company can be connected to an IP camera directly without the use of any computer or software. It features easy installation and operation. You just need to connect the IP camera to the Hub and run the network RJ45 back into the screen. It then allows you to view live video from the IP camera which is ideal for video monitoring applications. With this device, you can easily setup an effective video monitoring system in any location that needs security, either it is in your home or office. See the products below to know about their specifications.

With the high resolution of this line of LCD monitors, it delivers clear and sharp display for optimal viewing experience. Depending on your application, there’s also an option for brightness levels in order to ensure that the LCD screen is readable under different conditions. You can also customize the settings and adjust the screen display for clearer image quality and for best viewing experience. These include configuring video properties such as resolution, saturation, brightness, and contrast levels. It also features a metal casing for rugged applications.

Aside from the IP camera, it supports other I/O ports such as DVI, HDMI, VGA, CAT 5 and USB for more compatibility with other types of cameras and external peripherals. It also supports various IP camera models from leading camera manufacturers such as Axis, D-Link, Foscam, Canon, Panasonic, Mobotix, Pixord, Sony, and Toshiba, among others. As it doesn’t requires several devices to make the connection, it provides a space-saving solution. Depending on the product model and how many channels it supports, you are able to view multiple cameras simultaneously from remote locations on a single screen.

iTech Company offers IP camera LCD monitors that you can easily setup for either personal or business use. We pay much attention to the quality and functionality of these devices for our client’s optimal usage. If you have any questions about which LCD monitor you require, simply contact us.