Intercom Door Access Control Solution

iTech Company understands the importance of keeping your premises secure, may it be a commercial office, school, or a house. With this, we came up with a range of Intercom Door Access Control Solutions. This line of products will help you in monitoring and controlling who is coming and going out from your property.

Nowadays, intercoms are becoming an essential device to have complete access and control on a residential or commercial building. These are efficient solutions to secure any building or property especially during the day where several doors that have to be open and anybody could just walk in. With a Door Access Control System, you’ll have an electronic security solution which permits or restricts access to specific areas of a premises. Such device help you protect not only your properties but also ensure the safety of the people inside.

iTech Company offers a range of these innovative solutions. Our products feature an IP65 front bezel and IP50 back side, giving extra protection against splash of water, dust, dirt, moisture, and other debris that might cause potential damage to the device. These are available in various screen sizes with high resolutions for superior display. You can also choose from a range of brightness levels depending on where you’re going to install it, to ensure visibility even in outdoor deployments. Its reliable projected capacitive touch screen feature via USB interface provides ease of operation as well as enrich user experience.

It is powered by ARM-based RISC Cortex processors. For more connectivity, it supports various I/O ports including HDMI, LAN, USB, RS232, and Micro SD slot. Located at the front bezel, there’s a 2M Pixel built-in webcam while at the middle of front bezel bottom, there’s a built-in microphone. There are also 2 x 2W speakers built-in at left or right side of front bezel bottom.

But just like any type of security system, make sure to opt with a company that you can trust. At iTech Company, we ensure that our products are designed with the highest quality possible. Not only our Intercom Door Access Control System shave high security, they have also rugged designs for longevity and high resistance to variations in weather conditions. Contact us for more info.