Install 26" Digital Outdoor Signage Displays For Airport Flight Stations


by iTech Company | February 14, 2018


Airports are, undeniably, a very busy and crowded place. With so many people going in and out 24/7, operations and flow should be efficient and streamlined. One aspect of airport operations is signage displays. From flight schedules to directions, people can easily access this basic information and improve customer experience.


Since many people will be benefitting from signage displays, it is important that the display is clear and filled with relevant content. Thus, airport flight stations are making use of digital signage displays. It is an innovative way to provide information to customers at the tip of their hand.


A reliable digital signage is a 26-inch outdoor monitor display. It has excellent image clarity even under tough ambient conditions. Plus, its components are built for outdoor use. So, it can last under extreme usage and harsh conditions.


Digital Outdoor Signage Displays for Airport Operations


Customers and airport personnel can greatly benefit from digital displays. Airports present potential hazards if there is no appropriate information when operating equipment. Thus, a signage display offers clear information on possible risks that personnel and customers may encounter.


A 26 digital signage display is ideal because of its image clarity and a wide viewable screen. This signage is also an innovative advertising mode and it can be used as a way to entertain passengers.


So, consider these factors when looking for the right 26" digital outdoor signage display:


IP65 Enclosure for Durability


Outdoor digital signage displays are enclosed in sturdy chassis so it can last in an extreme environment. Displays with at least an IP65 sealing ensures that the device is protected from surface contaminants.


1366x768 Resolution


Airports can offer advertising displays for their partners. Hence, a 1366x768 screen resolution is a guarantee that the digital signage display supports HD resolution. That way, it increases profitability while adding liveliness to an airports building.


178/178 Viewing Angle


A display with a wide viewing angle is advantageous in airport flight stations. Thus, a 26-inch outdoor signage display with a 178/178 viewing angle is apt because it provides readability for a crowd. Especially if theres an update or news, people can easily view it even if theres an ample-sized crowd.


Projected Capacitive Touchscreen


Using a 26" digital display with interactive projected capacitive screen greatly enhances the customer experience. This type of digital signage can be installed with a software wherein users can easily navigate and access the information they need.


0C~50C (32F ~ 122F) Operating Condition


This digital outdoor display operates with temperatures between 0C~50C (32F ~ 122F). Thus, it has the versatility for indoor or outdoor installation.


Choose 26" Digital Outdoor Displays for Airport Flight Stations


As more and more people travel via aircraft, airports are utilizing different technologies to optimize operations. Digital signage display is one of the devices that can help in streamlining airport flight station operations. Its components are built to last even in an outdoor environment. So, it is an assurance that the device can last under harsh conditions and extended operating hours.


Moreover, these displays are now equipped with technology that provides excellent readability. Hence, it can be used as an entertainment for passengers waiting for their flight. Or, it can even be used to display important updates or information.


A 26-inch digital outdoor signage display is advisable for airport operations usage. Contact a trusted industrial computer distributor to learn various ways of integrating this device into airport flight stations.




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