42" infrared touchscreen, aluminium alloy frame, no glass, multi-touch, USB Controller (Model: LIR4200MU)

42" infrared touchscreen, aluminium alloy frame, no glass, multi-touch, USB Controller (Model: LIR4200MU)

42" infrared touchscreen, aluminium alloy frame, no glass, multi-touch, USB Controller (Model: LIR4200MU)

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iTechLCD Infrared touchscreen is waterproof and maintenance free with highest transparency. The preferred solution for application, reliability and clarity. Leasingtouch technology combines superior optical performance with excellent gasket-sealing capabilities, so it's an excellent choice for harsh industrial and outdoor kiosk applications. Touched with a finger, gloved hand, fingernail, or stylus, it delivers a fast, accurate response every time. iTechLCD infrared technology is available for standard size and large size panel solutions.


■ Withstands severe environments
■ Stable, no-drift calibration performance
■ Vandal- and abrasion-resistant screens, ideal for rugged applications
■ Parallax-free performance for LCD displays
■ Sealable against contaminants
■ Operable in various light conditions, indoor and outdoor


■ Point-of-information kiosks
■ Vending and ticket sales
■ Electronic catalogs
■ Gaming, lottery, and amusement
■ Public pay phones
■ Multimedia marketing
■ Banking/financial transactions
■ Industrial control rooms
■ Computer-based training


General Size 12″ to 70″
Custom Size 10.4″ to 150″
Fit in with Panel display device 
Resolution(Interpolation) 4096*4096
Linearity Error <1.5mm
Response Speed <15ms
Frame Material Carbon Steel
Input Method Finger or gloved hand (rubber ,cloth or leather)
Touch Activation Force No minimum touch activation force is required
Minimum Touch Object 6mm X 6mm for size under 22”
8mm X 8mm for size above 22”
Vandal-proof No break by 1-pound steel ball dropping from 130 cm high
Surface Durability Surface durability is that of glass, Mohs\' hardness rating of 7
Light Transmission 90% Meet ASTM D1003
Temperature Operating Range: -20°C ~ 70°C;  
Storage Range: -40°C ~ 85°C 
Relative Humidity Operating Range: 0%~90% RH (no dew falls)
Storage Range: 0% to 95% RH (no dew falls)
Altitude                      Up to 3,000m 
Ambient Light          Direct sunlight 90°to ±30° to the display surface Touch detection operational
Direct sunlight all angles to display surface Free of false touch reports
Life Time               At least 10-years
Operation Voltage Typical +DC 5V, +4.75V to +5.25V
Power Supply USB or PS/2 Interface for size under 55”; External power adaptor for size above 55”
Interface Full Duplex USB 2.0 (Full Speed) Plug and play compatible 
Serial RS-232. Baud Rate: 9600, 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity 
Current Typical 150MA@+5VDC; 350mA, maximum
Power <1.5W, operating current<300mA
Electrostatic Protection 15 kV air / 8 kV contact discharges (EN61000-4-2,1995 :Level 4)
Controller Integration inside touch panel
Agency Approvals CE, FCC, Rohs
Operation System Linux/ Dos / Windows ME/95/98 / NT4.0/XP/2000/Mac OS
MTBF Greater than 1,543,000 hours per MIL-HDBK-217-F2