iCare On-Site Services Agreement

iCare-On Site Agreement
I -Tech OEM Warranty - Onsite Service
Please read this document carefully.
This document provides an outline and general descriptions as initial input and to provide discussion points. Updates, changes and additions will be ongoing until both parties are satisfied the document describes the service description correctly. The information will then be used to put together a working agreement that both parties can execute.
General Information
• Warranty Description
Original OEM warranty coverage is provided to demonstrate that I-Tech stands behind the materials and workmanship of its products. Should a component element of the original equipment as sold experience a failure or performance anomaly, the end customer purchaser is entitled to warranty service as defined herein.
• Products Covered
I-Tech Outdoor Rated Display - 46" base unit, sealed enclosure, heating/air conditioning, as originally purchased from I-Tech. OEM warranty does not extend to add on items not originally manufactured or installed, or to connected systems, application software, basic operating system software, etc. and is void if the unit has been altered by the end customer or other parties.
The end customer may either cover additional items with a specific coverage document that contains all additional details and fees.
• Entitlement Period
Basic OEM warranty is for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment to original end customer purchaser
• Entitlement Tracking
I-Tech and GAS will agree to a sales-out process that provides GAS with serial number, configuration, date of shipment and end customer information in order to allow for warranty entitlement tracking.
• Covered Locations
End customer location sites within the US, locations of original purchasers of covered Displays as sold by I-Tech or authorized I-Tech sales channel.
There are no zip code restrictions to warranty entitlement, but warranty delivery may be affected by extremely remote locations, locations with onerous security or safety restrictions for access, etc. These may affect response time and or have a surcharge added for coverage response.
• Service Details
• OEM workmanship and materials used in original design and manufacturing
• Should a unit sustain an actual hardware failure during the warranty period, the end customer is entitled to warranty service

• The support process;
• Customer with anomaly should interact with application provider / I-Tech partner that originally sold the devices for support and or I-Tech directly for initial support
• This process will identify and resolve such things as; application, user, connectivity, etc
• Should this support determine that the unit has actually sustained a hardware failure, it will ultimately result in a warranty service event
• I-Tech Technical Support will also be available to field technician if and as needed

• Warranty Services entitles end customer to the following 'warranty service event', after problem determination;
• Shipment of replacement component or FRU (field replaceable unit) such as power supply, control board, air conditioner, etc)
• Dispatch of field technician to the end customer site to meet part, replace, restore unit to operation
• Response to the site once a Warranty Service Event has been initiated is - next business day or to meet shipped in part if different
• Parts
• I-Tech will provide initial phone support to end customer and the necessary parts to support this warranty service
• Initially I-Tech will ship required parts kit to the site
• Parts may be ultimately be consigned to GAS - when done, these items will be stored in I-Tech Ready Spares in Irvine CA

• When a parts kit is used at a site, the GAS Field Technician will
• Identify which part(s) used, re-box and initiate return shipment - (as per enclosed return shipment label and agreed to process)
• Reports
• GAS will provide I-Tech with reports as to warranty service provided, parts used etc
• OEM Warranty specifics
• Next Business Day (NBD) - Business Day defined as; Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM local site time, within continental US, GAS observed national holidays excluded

• Response to site by field technician - NBD after problem determination and parts shipment

• Physical damage is not covered - if a system is known or suspected to be physically damaged in shipment, vandalized, directly struck by lightning, etc, the remedial repair should be handled by other means, such as
• If shipping damage, pursue a claim against the shipping company
• If vandalism, pursue an insurance claim
• Or, if still needed, open a time and material service call (T&M)

• OEM warranty also does not cover such things as: adds, moves, changes, performance upgrades, retrofits, application software, operator issue, connectivity issues, Microsoft or Linux operating system software, operation outside environmental parameters of the equipment, etc

• OEM Onsite Warranty - does not include the cost of lift rental, or other specialty items, tools or equipment needed to get to a display
• Since I-Tech has no way of knowing the mounting height, mounting/enclosure access or cosmetics, etc found at a particular site, the end customer will be subject to specific 'Access Charges' as applicable.
• Customer Upgrades
• Customer may choose to upgrade basic warranty in such ways as; cover equipment for three years, extend the coverage / response days or hours, covered add on equipment, cover phone support or remote monitoring, etc
• Invoicing
GAS will invoice I-Tech directly for OEM warranty service.
GAS and I-Tech will determine invoicing process for add on or optional coverage's
Pricing Table:
OEM Warranty Service
Service Service Description Quote
Start Up Fee • Initial set up, detailed documentation, technical review/training, metrix loading
• Plus includes first four, 1 man service events
Onsite Service Fee    
1 Man Job Response to site to meet parts and replace $275
2 Man Job Response to site to remove or other work effort $390
• Notes:

1.  Amounts quoted are in US $ and do not include applicable taxes

2.  Start up fee billed up front once all detailed are agreed to and working agreement is executed by both parties

3.  Service event onsite service fees, after first four prepaid, will be invoiced as incurred

4.  Payment terms – within twenty (20) days of invoice date.

5.  Service defined cost covers all GAS-supplied labor, standard tools and standard travel required to complete the work effort as defined herein.

6.  Quoted cost does not cover cost of renting or supplying lift equipment, specialty ladders, cabling supplies or other specialty materials or tools and any work effort outside that specifically defined herein.

7.  There will be an exception pricing process put in place for I-Tech to activate when needed for systems or situations that require service coverage but fall outside the specifics as defined herein, such as but not limited to; special/custom builds, new units, specific customer requests, etc.

    a.)  And for any project based needs that arise – rollout management, installation, etc