ECDIS Marine Display

iTech Company's range of ECDIS Marine Displaysare equipped with the necessary features to help the mariners in route planning and route monitoring. This type of LCD displays has a rugged design to withstand the conditions encountered in marine environments. Some of its features include a projective capacitive multi-touch screen, narrow bezel design,fanless cooling system and color calibrated for ECDIS compliance, among others.

In marine navigation,an appropriate and efficient system is needed to monitor and control the movement of the vessel from one place to another. With this comes the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) which is a geographic information system and being used for nautical navigation that complies with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations. It provides an alternative option to paper nautical charts. One of the main features of ECDIS that makes it a unique tool for navigation is its capability of generating alarms such as anti-grounding and off route, which are based on input from sensors and analysis of chart information.

At iTech Company, we offer the type of marine rugged LCDs which is color calibrated for ECDIS compliance, ensuring that it delivers a high display quality that is required for such applications. It has also high resolutionsfor a clear and crisp display. It has a projective capacitive multi-touch screen which provides convenient use of the device.For quick function access and display control, it has capacitive touch keys with various modes such as ECDIS day, dusk, and night.Moreover, these LCDs are also compliant with various marine standards such as the DNV2.4, IEC 60945 4th, and IACS-E10, verifying its durability in marine operations.

All in all, these ECDIS Marine LCDs have a rugged design, comply with various industry standards, deliver high performance and provides user-friendly solutionfor navigation systems and other marine applications. Contact us for more information about these products.